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/ Local Media Marketing

Refined localization operation with our global localization team.

  • We help overseas clients choose the most suitable local media for localized promotion and marketing activities, dedicated to assisting overseas enterprises to expand.
  • We have years of industry experience and local teams on the ground in various regions ensuring that we can provide top tier media partners to our clients. We formulate the most targeted promotion strategy to ensure maximum effect.
Local Media Marketing

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we do it?

Local Media Marketing

If you need to promote your products overseas, gain high-quality users, or build a brand awareness overseas. Then we will select the most appropriate local promotion channels according to the cultural background, target audience, operation rules, etc. In each stage of the product/brand going global, through the development of professional and reasonable promotion plans and unique creative activities to effectively help the product/brand localization. Hence, the product can be better promoted customized to each local market.

Over the years, we have cooperated with many overseas companies, and we are very familiar with the pain points and difficulties that they face. We work to help overseas companies solve these pain points and difficulties, as we not only understand Chinese brands, but also understand overseas consumers, and even set up local teams in several regions to help overseas companies with localized marketing.


  • Local Online Promotion Media

    Covering 80% of well-known local online channels, we can quickly determine the right methods for promotion using our in-depth knowledge of each media channel and wealth of experience in knowing the data.

  • Local KOL Marketing Service

    We create effective influencer marketing campaigns for brands of all types, having global experience in influencer marketing and more than 10,000 talents, specializing in helping brands quickly improve their reputation through valuable creative content.

  • Outdoor Digital Advertising

    Our outdoor digital advertising includes the outdoor electronic screen advertising of local commercial buildings, electronic screen advertising in metro stations, supermarket electronic screen advertising, airport electronic screen advertising, and so on.

  • Local Real-Person Video Production Service

    We have branches in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States. Therefore, we have the ability to help our clients to choose the most suitable local crew and location to shoot high-quality live-action footage.


  • 1

    Planning of Promotion Strategy

    Strategize the most suitable promotion plan customized to the client's product/brand promotion regional needs, budget, etc.

  • 2

    Confirming Promotion Strategy With The Client

    We ensure that our clients fully remain in control, whilst creating any strategy (channel/service choosing, creative planning, promotion timeline, etc), whilst ensuring that the client's needs are best met.

  • 3

    Starting of Promotion

    Start the promotion of each localization service according to the final confirmed strategy and promotional timeline.

  • 4

    Optimization of Effect

    Optimize the performance promotion data during the promotion period in real-time to ensure the result.

  • 5

    Report And Analysis

    We provide weekly or monthly reports, review the actual promotion effect of one week or month, then assess the effectiveness of our plan and tailor the strategy accordingly where needed for the next cycle.

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