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/ Integrate Marketing

With sufficient & high-quality medium & long-tail traffic.

  • We have formed a global business setup with high industry sensitivity, professional ads delivery process, service system, well-known brand endorsement, and strong capital flow support.
  • Based on nearly 12 years of full-service advertising operation experience and refined management experience in various types of media. We can greatly reduce clients' labor costs, time costs, and media buying costs. We also provide weekly/ monthly reports, overall footage feedback, etc. What's more, we will open a new external platform for our clients to view real-time data, quality, and additional functions of the system at any time.
Integrate Marketing

How do
we do it?

Integrate Marketing

If you need to concentratedly purchase medium & long-tail traffic, we can quickly and efficiently help you screen out the most suitable promotion channels for your products and provide customized promotion strategies through more than 10 years of full-category advertising operation and refined management experience in various types of media.

We can also help you to manage the delivery of all network channels, which include delivery program planning, omnichannel budget allocation, quality monitoring and optimization, KPI achievement, publisher increase/decrease, settlement, invoicing, etc.


  • Management And Allocation of The Budget of Network Alliance

    Help you screen out matching channels and reasonably allocate budget.

  • Support For Fraud Monitoring of Daily Advertising

    Help you monitor traffic quality on a daily basis to minimize the fraud rate.

  • Support For Routine Effect Monitoring of Daily Advertising

    Help you track each day's product flow KPI to achieve results and share pressure.

  • Monthly Data Reconciliation And Invoicing

    Help you perform monthly data reconciliation and invoice with various channels.

  • Support For Business Training

    Regular business training is based on industry developments and optimization logic.


  • 1

    Planning of Promotion Strategy

    Strategize the most suitable promotion plan customized to the client's product promotion regional needs, budget, etc.

  • 2

    Confirming Promotion Strategy With The Client

    We ensure that our clients fully remain in control, whilst creating any strategy (channel/service choosing, creative planning, promotion timeline, etc), whilst ensuring that the client's needs are best met.

  • 3

    Start of Promotion

    Start the promotion according to the final confirmed strategy and promotional timeline.

  • 4

    Optimization of Effect

    Optimize the performance promotion data during the promotion period in real-time and synchronous monitoring of Fraud traffic to ensure the result.

  • 5

    Report And Analysis

    We provide weekly or monthly reports, review the actual promotion effect of one week or month, then assess the effectiveness of our plan and tailor the strategy accordingly where needed for the next cycle.

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